ABEE Simulation Platform


1.Fast and robust framework
2.Three types of built-in models:      -Doyle-Fuller-Newman model (DFN/P2D)                                             -Single particle model (SPM)               -Single particle model with electrolyte (SPMe)
3.Database of standard cell chemistries
4.Simulate experimental tests such as GITT, HPCC, EIS, etc.
5.Extract parameters for equivalent circuit model (ECM)
6.Seamless integration with other python libraries
7.User friendly GUI


The physics-based electrochemical models provide the
backbone for optimizing the cell design and cell
performance. These models solve coupled partial differential
equations in the continuum scale for the evolution of
temperature and ion concentration. However, due to the
varying length scales and multiple physics, these coupled
partial differential equations are highly non-linear and
often time consuming to solve.


Electrochemical model

Our electrochemical model is based on the industry
standard Doyle-Fuller-Newman model, also known as porous 2-
d (P2D) model. Based on python libraries (scipy and numpy) and
exploits the state-of-the-art automatic differentiation. Its
modular design allows the addition of new physics such as
modified solid-state diffusion, SEI formation, etc.

Our easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) enables
non expert users and project managers to quickly run a
simulation for demonstration as well as testing. This facilitates
steeper learning curve for a new user and greater adaption of
new physics in battery simulation.


  • Interactive graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Easy access to model parameters
  • On the fly customization of plots (color, font, etc.)
  • Feature transformation( log, dy/dx, average, etc.)
  • Modular nature of GUI allows plotting any dataset with x and y
  • Export plots as PNG, TIF, JPG, PDF, SVG, or EPS format.


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