ABEE enters PV recycling market

Published on 21 september 2021 in category Press release

ABEE enters PV recycling market

Press release

During the last 20 years, millions of solar panels have been produced and this number will increase during the next decades. PV modules have a working lifespan for 25-30 years and currently the best way to dispose is just through landfill. Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering is willing to take up the effort to recycle end-of-life solar panels which is made up of several materials of which many are toxic and needs to be disposed in the right way. Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering will set up in its new headquarter in Ninove (Belgium) a unique pilot line (semi-automatic), which will be the first of its kind in the world to deliver the circular economy of solar panels, with a clear focus on second life and recycling secondary raw materials such as silicon, copper, silver, aluminum etc. Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering is targeting to start this initiative from begin 2023 with a starting capacity of 500.000 panels per year.

About ABEE

Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering (ABEE) is a dynamic and specialized company in the field of battery and energy technologies for e-mobility and stationary applications located in Brussels, Belgium. Today ABEE is a fast-growing multicultural company consisting of team members from various nationalities. It is currently part of 10 running EU funded projects, several industrial projects with OEM’s and government institutions around the world (https://abeegroup.com/).

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