ABEE is planning a new research and production headquarters in Ninove by mid 2023

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ABEE is planning a new research and production headquarters in Ninove by mid 2023

Bringing innovation and technology at your doorstep

ABEE is a dynamic engineering company specialized in battery and energy technologies for automotive and stationary applications founded in January 2019 by Prof. Noshin Omar. ABEE’s expertise includes battery system design, modelling (thermal & electrochemical), state-of-the-art battery manufacturing infrastructure, processing and prototyping, BMS & module assembly, extensive knowledge in artificial intelligence techniques & battery state estimations, validation & feasibility analysis related to advanced Li-ion and next generation solid-state battery technologies.

Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering (ABEE) was hosted since September 2019 at Solvay Incubator, “The Spark”. Currently, ABEE headquarters is at the Solvay Campus in Brussels and due to the sudden explosion of activities, ABEE is growing at an exponential rate in both personnel and infrastructure. This increase in activity has forced in the movement of ABEE from Brussels region to Flanders region, more specifically Ninove (Dorn Noord sustainable business park). ABEE will establish the headquarters by end of 2022. Planning and constructions are set to begin by end of first quarter of 2021. Thus, ABEE extends its gratitude to Solvay SA and its incubator “The Spark” for supporting it during its initial steps and hopes to continue the mutual collaboration for the years to come. ABEE now enjoys several strategic collaborations namely, BRING (Brussels Research and Innovation in Green Technologies), IMECAR (Turkey), Ikerlan (Spain) and Zhongrui Green Energy Technologies (China) for various activities.

Green headquarters

The building will be a sustainable one (CO2 neutral), as is also in line with the vision of a sustainable business park. For example, ABEE will install solar panels and integrate small wind turbines (100 to 200 kW) that will be independent of the grid. The sustainability aspect will be integrated in all processes and techniques that will be set up.

Today, most employees come by public transport. Those who come by car own mini hybrid vehicles. Nobody drives conventional vehicles. In time, the company will install charging stations, fully developed in-house. These will be charging stations that work in both directions and that not only draw energy from the grid, but also send energy back to the grid.

Development of region and supporting societal actions

There are currently 26 staff members working for ABEE Brussels, envisioned to grow to 35 staff members by the end of 2022. ABEE hosts more that 150 people if its joint ventures and sister company in middle east is taken into consideration.

Today, ABEE’s employees are experts, 90% of whom come from abroad, such as India, Japan, China, Italy, Spain with more than two-thirds having masters or doctoral degree.

ABEE hopes to give back something for the City of Ninove and the region as well. As a company ABEE wants to take social responsibility to engage local people in the business activities. It hopes to further develop our future technologies so that we can also put the sustainable business park Doorn Noord and the City of Ninove on the map, such as the development of hydrogen technology and implementation for heating, cooling, transport and greener mobility. The aim is to also attract and train local people.

ABEE will be located in midst of 10-12 other companies in other sectors where the total employees are estimated to be around 350. ABEE will also setup collaborations with these companies to create sector coupling and help reduce CO2­ footprint of the whole park.

Location and accessibility

The business park is located on the territory of Ninove, between the Aalst-Ninove expressway (N28 / N45) and the Aalstersesteenweg (N405). The business park is accessible via a new, to be constructed and light-controlled intersection on the Aalstersesteenweg (N405)

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