All-solid-state batteries are considered to be the critical future technology to address the energy demand of the rapidly evolving society. There are plenty of reports on the ASSB’s in the literature and many highly conductive solid electrolytes emerged in the past decade. But, the development of working prototype cell is still a challenge. Developing all-solid-state batteries with good rate capability and cycle life is one of the aims of present battery research. This webinar will be dealing with the general mechanism, critical challenges and strategies to make a better performing solid state batteries for the future

Register today to know how you can be benefited from the solid-state battery webinar. The webinar will be organized on 12th November 2020 at 15.00-16.00 hrs (CET).



  1. General understanding on the working mechanism and challenges associated with the all-solid-state battery systems.
  2. Current industrial trends and battery chemistries.
  3. Material selection, battery design & characterization of solid-state battery systems.
  4. Strategies for making better performing batteries and future perspective.


Webinar is designed for

• Proficiency: 50% basic, 30% intermediate, 20% advanced
• Young researchers, battery designers, electric vehicle manufacturers, industry manager and energy enthusiast.


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