With ever increasing energy demand and dynamic battery industry, battery modeling paves the way to analyze, improve and integrate novel battery

technology in battery manufacturing. Register today to know how you can be benefited from battery modeling techniques.

The workshop will be organized  18th Sep 2020 at 10:00 (CEST).



• Application of Multiphysics-multiscale models in identifying key process parameters to improve battery performance from cell to module level

• Thermal and ageing models to design efficient cooling and battery management system for electric vehicles and stationary applications

• Use of artificial intelligence/machine learning to boost battery modeling and discovering prospective battery materials for next-generation batteries

Webinar is designed for

• Proficiency: 50% basic, 30% intermediate, 20% advanced
• Young researchers, Battery designers, Electric Vehicle manufacturers, AI/ML enthusiasts, industry


For any questions, contact us at contact@abeegroup.com

Registration fee: FREE

Registration is open through the following link

Battery Modeling Webinar is an online event and webinar link will be shared by email upon registration.