Commercial Products

Automotive Battery Pack Solution ABEE & IMECAR



  •  Optical storage integrated system to meet microgrid applications;
  •  Small size, flexible deployment
  •  Simple transportation and maintenance, with classification society
    certification, meeting shipping requirements,
  •  Unattended system, remote monitoring
  •  Provide a variety of configurations to meet different
  •  Complete certification and protection, applicable to
    multiple national grid systems;
  •  In combine with diesel generators, to achieve seamless switching

Power Base Max 4013 Home Energy Storage System

The power base max is the off-grid type of energy storage system which integrated battery system, inverter system and control system. Its application is very convenient, which input can directly connected the power grid, oil machine or photovoltaic panels, output can directly connected to the load. This system can provide a quick solution for photovoltaic energy storage or uninterrupted power supply.



  •  Adopt two-stage topology, wide voltage input
  •  Can be inserted into photovoltaic panels, support
    photovoltaic direct charging ;
  •  MPPT photovoltaic maximum power tracking
  •  STS can achieve seamless switching off grid;
  •  PCS power 50kW-100kW, meeting the needs of
  •  Modular design, easy to install and easy to transport;
  •  It adopts lithium iron phosphate battery with long life and high
    safety performance.;
  •  Each cluster has a battery capacity of 96.8kWh and supports 15
    cluster expansion;
  •  Integrate PCS, lithium battery system, and control cabinet to
    ensure product compatibility.
  •  Scientific and safe, short construction period; green and
    environmental protection, promoting environmental
    friendliness; intensive land use, reducing resource consumption,

ZR Power Base HV-Mate Series Home Energy Storage System

The Power Base HV-Mate series product is a high-voltage lithium iron phosphate battery storage system independently developed in-house by Zhongrui Green Energy Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. The rated voltage of the single module is 48V, series connection is allowed up to 8 modules of 400V. Parallel of multi systems is supported.

ESS for residential, commercial and off-grid/microgrid solutions

lithium coated copper foil


ABEE is offering a lithium coated copper foil for battery applications. This commercial product is on 20 cm copper foil coated with 15 cm of lithium.

The thickness of the coated lithium can be between 5 to 20 micrometer.