Upcoming Events

23rd and 24th September 2021 (Thursday & Friday)

Workshop focuses on modeling frameworks for battery technologies at multiple length scales coupled with thermal, electrochemical and lifetime models. This workshop will provide the participants with insight to various types of modeling techniques and their applications for process and cost optimization.

An opportunity to learn, extend your expertise and implement your knowledge to design novel battery models, to be safe and more efficient for next generation batteries.


28th and 29th October 2021 (Thursday & Friday)

Solid-state battery workshop fostering efforts to advance energy storage and display functional Solid-State Batteries (SSB). This workshop will provide the participants with insights to current all solid state technology trends on cell design and assembly, prototyping, raw materials, slurries, electrodes to production and electrochemical characterization etc.

This event is an excellent opportunity to network across the entire supply chain and bring together representatives from SSB manufacturers

15th November 2021 (Monday)

Workshop focuses on both automotive and stationary battery safety in each phase of battery’s cycle life, including acceptance, testing, assembly, use, transportation, and disposal. This workshop will engage in battery assembly operations, safety solutions to identify at the cells, pack and system level.

This event is of utmost importance to battery safety thus motivates us to organize workshop to tackle the battery safety issues as a global challenge that requires international collaboration.