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Press release
Brussels‐Belgium September 23rd, 2021

During the last 20 years, millions of solar panels have been produced and this number will increase during the next decades. PV modules have a working lifespan for 25-30 years and currently the best way to dispose is just through landfill. Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering is willing to take up the effort to recycle end-of-life solar panels which is made up of several materials of which many are toxic and needs to be disposed in the right way.

Press Release
Brussels‐Belgium, Modena-Italy March 1st, 2021

ABEE  (Avesta  Battery  Energy  Engineering)  and  Automobili  Estrema  have  entered  into  a  Merger  Agreement in support of a global battery and high-­‐performance electric vehicle project. The newly formed holding company is named Estrema-­‐ABEE Technologies.

Press Release
Brussels, Modena, Antalya February 2nd, 2021

ABEE (Avesta Battery Energy Engineering), Automobili Estrema and IMECAR Elektronik have entered into a Joint Venture agreement to showcase their state of the art battery technology through this strategic alliance.

Press Release
Brussels December 7th, 2020

Avesta Battery and Energy Engineering (ABEE), PILOTCAR have entered in a strategic collaboration in the field of development of electric delivery vehicles. In a later stage, both parties will consider producing the vehicles in Belgium at ABEE’s new headquarters in Ninove.

Your best partner in E-Technology

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Who are we?

ABEE is a dynamic engineering company specialized in battery and energy technologies for automotive and stationary applications. Our expertise are involved in the battery system design, modelling (thermal & electrochemical), state-of-the-art battery manufacturing infrastructure, processing and prototyping, BMS & module assembly, extensive knowledge in artificial intelligence techniques & battery state estimations, validation & feasibility analysis related to advanced Li-ion and next generation solid-state battery technologies.

Our Services

“ABEE is Working to Shape a Trustworthy Business that Better Serves to Industry with Our Technological Platform to Develop Next Generation Batteries”

What can we offer?

ABEE is supporting the industries in the development of tailored made solutions from battery materials to recycling for automotive and stationary applications through the development of dedicated multiscale simulation tools and functions integrated in various platforms.

Infrastructure Facilities

ABEE has state of the art battery cell production, characterization and testing facilities with a dedicated Dry room of 150m² at dew point -60°C.

These facilities focus on development of new products, cell design optimization, new processing and manufacturing techniques

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