About Avesta Engineering

In 2019, Noshin Omar, former professor at the Free University of Brussels, decided to say goodbye to academia and focus entirely on the industry. This is how "Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering" was established at the end of 2019. Initially started as a consulting engineering company with fewer than five employees, the number of employees quadrupled in three years.


What we do at Avesta

Since its creation in 2019, company also began to explore all aspects of battery life, from cell production to battery pack systems to the final stage, Recycling. Nor can it be kept away from the R&D world, as it is currently active in ten European-funded scientific projects. Today ABEE has anchored its position in the energy and battery world. With a promising and ever-growing customer base and exceptionally talented staff, ABEE continues to grow...

2 sites in Belgium and Macedonia

+25 projects in development

10.000 production units per year


Avesta's infrastructures

Avesta Engineering is active in Belgium since 2019 near Brussels. Soon we will also be in North Macedonia. The company will focus on R&D in the field of BMS and Power Electronics Systems as well as on mass production on the same.

The production capacity of the company shall be 70.000 units per year and due to that the company shall have around 100 employees within the first three years.

Headquarter Belgium

Doorn Noordstraat 10, 9400 Ninove

Power Electronics unit

North Macedonia

Services and solutions

ABEE offers a huge panel of services and solutions like material optimization, modeling services, design services and infrastructures facilities solutions.

All those services and solutions take place in a lot of projects currently in development that you may also discover on this website.