Delivering the 3b generation of LNMO cells for the xEV market of 2025 and beyond.
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The development of better materials for use in rechargeable batteries is vital for the future of the electric vehicle market. One of these materials is lithium nickel manganese oxide (LNMO), a cobalt-free cathode material that’s a cost-effective alternative to current lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery materials. Using LNMO, the EU-funded 3beLiEVe project aims to produce the next generation of Li-ion rechargeable batteries for  … Read More
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For decades, scientists have been exploring materials to produce a new generation of long-lasting batteries. The EU-funded CoFBAT project aims to develop novel batteries for energy storage that are cobalt free and in a modular format, rendering it suitable for different wide-ranging … Read More
Advanced material solutions for safer and long-lasting high capacity Cobalt Free Batteries for stationary storage applications
Battery DEsign and manuFACTuring Optimization through multiphysic modelling
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Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) power everything from portable electronics to electric cars. Since the first one was launched nearly 30 years ago, they have continued to evolve to support rapid innovation of the products that depend on them. A critical bottleneck in today’s LIBs is the cathode material. Cathodes based on nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) are among the most promising… Read More
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SENSIBAT’s overall objective is to develop a sensing technology for Li-ion batteries that measures in real-time the internal battery cell temperature, pressure (e.g. mechanical strain, gas evolution) conductivity and impedance (separately for the anode, cathode and electrolyte)Read More
Cell-integrated SENSIng functionalities for smart BATtery systems with improved performance and safety
Li-ion cell pilot line network
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LiPLANET’s overall objective is to create a European innovation and production ecosystem.  The plan is to build a more competitive Lithium battery cell manufacturing ecosystem and increase the production of Lithium cells towards industrial scale, by bringing together the most relevant European … Read More

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Transport is responsible for around a quarter of EU greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and more than two thirds of transport-related GHG emissions are from road transport. Countries around the world are betting on EVs to meet … Read More
advanced all Solid stAte saFE Lithium Metal technology tOwards Vehicle Electrification
Solid state sUlfide Based LI-MEtal batteries for EV applications
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related emissions, as transport is responsible for around a quarter of EU greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and more than two thirds of transport-related GHG emissions are from road transport. SUBLIME’s overall aim is to significantly increase EV adoption by taking on the technical challenges  … Read More
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eCharge4Drivers works to improve the Electric-Vehicle charging experience in urban areas and on interurban corridors, making it more convenient for users to go green! The project will demonstrate additional convenient charging options within cities, a mobile charging service, charge points a … Read More
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure for improved User Experience
Development of efficient and environmental friendly LONG distance powertrain for heavy dUty trucks aNd coaches
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On January 2020 three EUCAR members (DAF Trucks, IVECO, and Volvo Group), launched the LONGRUN project (Development of efficient and environmental friendly long-distance powertrain for heavy-duty trucks and coaches). In the long haul transport sector … Read More
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on (1) combining modular high-energy batteries and high-power batteries, (2) novel converter concepts and (3) production technology solutions derived from the automotive sector. A modular approach will reduce component costs (battery, convertor) so that unique ship designs can profit from economies of scale … Read More
Solutions for largE bAtteries for waterBorne trAnsporT

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