Avesta's project Cofbat

Advanced material solutions for safer and long-lasting high capacity Cobalt Free Batteries for stationary storage applications. Objectif : making Europe less dependent on raw materials.

Key informations

  • European Project
  • https://www.cofbat.eu/

Project description

For decades, scientists have been exploring materials to produce a new generation of long-lasting batteries. The EU-funded CoFBAT project aims to develop novel batteries for energy storage that are cobalt free and in a modular format, rendering it suitable for different wide-ranging applications, be it domestic or industrial. New materials and components will be developed and optimised to achieve novel battery cells with longer lifetime, improved cyclability, lower costs, improved safety, lower environmental impact and more efficient recycling. The proposed solutions will allow Europe to become less dependent on raw materials for securing the supply chain, since CoFBAT gathers the whole value chain in battery production from materials to battery manufacturing, including electrochemical characterization and life cycle assessment. The feasibility, of a metal recovery process will also be deeply investigated and recommendations for future application made.

Avesta's role

  • Innovation Manager for the project and supporting technical co-ordination
  • Characterisation and testing of coin-cells and pouch cells
  • Upscaling the processing of battery components
  • Supporting cell design and assembly of pouch cells

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