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Safety/ Prevention Advisor

Key informations

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Are you looking for a challenge in an entrepreneurial scale-up in the fast – growing battery market? Then, you have found the right place.

Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering is expanding so we invite you to join our mission in accelerating the battery market! In order to sustain our rapid growth and scale our operations to the next level, we are looking for a highly motivated Prevention Advisor+ to join our team.


Objectives of this Role

Key responsibilities will include:

  • Performance of all legal tasks as described in
    • the Act on the Well-being of Workers of 4 August 1996
    • Codex II, Title 1. Internal Service for Prevention and Protection at Work
    • Belgian General Regulations for Occupational Health and Safety (ARAB), Belgian General Regulations for Electrical Installations (AREI), …
  • To carry out general and specific administration relating to the applicable welfare legislation



  1. Job content


  1. Advisory – informative function


  • Acts within the given regulations in an advisory capacity towards the hierarchical line and the staff members in order to ensure a coherent, effective and efficient application of well-being at work, to prevent accidents at work, and to realise risk management, consultation and training.
  • acts as an independent advisor to the employee and employer on the basis of their own expertise;
  • advises the hierarchical line in identifying, analysing and evaluating risks with a view to managing them;
  • gives advice on the choice, purchase, use and maintenance of work equipment, as well as personal and collective protective equipment;
  • draws up safety instructions or advises others on how to do so;
  • puts work equipment into/out of service;
  • monitors compliance with safety aspects when work equipment is put into service;
  • motivates staff in the context of prevention policy, highlights opportunities for training and education;
  • gives advice and supervision on fire prevention;
  • Takes proposals from day-to-day experience, findings, field observations on well-being at work, on risk management in order to provide suggestions and ideas, useful for further policy discussion and implementation
  • puts forward proposals for priority actions;
  • investigates accidents at work and formulates proposals for the prevention of accidents at work;
  • Enables the hierarchical line to apply well-being at work and risk management through advice, information and guidance so that the policy is actively supported and everyone deals appropriately with risks and/or emergencies.



  1. Executive tasks


  • Ensuring that workers who are victims of an accident or affected by illness receive first aid and emergency care
  • Carrying out frequent and systematic investigations in the workplace, either on his own initiative or at the request of the employer, or within the shortest possible time following a request from the workers or their representatives;
  • On his own initiative, at the request of the employer or at the request of the workers concerned, to examine workstations whenever a worker employed at that workstation is exposed to increased risk or new risks;


  • Carry out a thorough examination of all workplaces and workstations at least once a year;
  • Investigate accidents at work and incidents that have occurred in the workplace;


  • To carry out useful, necessary and pertinent research and investigations to improve the well-being of employees;
  • Carry out their own analyses or checks, or have them carried out according to the conditions laid down in legislation
  • In case of urgent necessity and the impossibility to call upon the hierarchical line, take the necessary measures to remedy the causes of the danger or nuisance.



  1. Communication


  • Ensures coordination with the external service by providing all the useful information it needs to fulfil its mission. Referring to the identification document.
  • Keeping notifications that must be made to public authorities in accordance with the law and its implementing decrees.
  • Handling communication with all those involved at municipal, provincial and federal level.
  • Reports to the board to evaluate the implementation of the policy and, if necessary, make suggestions for adjustments.


  1. Carrying out (statutory) administrative tasks


  • Managing and operating the service for the preparation of various documents required by law:
  • Preparation of the 3-monthly reports, the content of which is defined (Codex II.1 – Annex II.1-2)
  • Preparation of the annual report, the content of which is determined (Codex II.1 – Annex II.1-3)
  • Drawing up the work-accident card, the content of which is defined in Codex II.1 – Annex II.1-4, or filling in the form declaring the work accident.
  • Draws up reports in accordance with regulations and agreements;
  • Takes care of the administrative follow-up of the tasks/assignments to be carried out;
  • Keeping hold of the welfare files and following them up;
  • Maintains all documentation related to safety and well-being at work.


  1. Correspondence


  • Takes care of the correspondence relating to welfare (including letters) to company personnel, or external companies, governments,..




  1. Developing personal expertise and that of others


  • Ensuring well-being at work means first and foremost ensuring one’s own safety and that of colleagues (and/or third parties) by complying with safety rules and instructions. This translates into general competencies, such as awareness of safety, and health and hygiene at work.
  • Contributes to measures concerning the reception, information, training and awareness-raising of first-aid operational instructions and procedures, etc.
  • informs both the hierarchical line and employees, to make them aware of a positive attitude to safety and well-being at work;
  • ensures that the necessary training initiatives are taken;


  • Maintains and develops the technical knowledge and skills to evaluate and follow up new trends, insights, concepts,….
  • monitors developments in regulations, as well as in technology and insights relating to safety, health and well-being at work
  • participates in permanent retraining;
  • takes part in seminars, reads professional literature;
  • seeks knowledge from colleagues (internal and external)


  1. Various support tasks


Quality assurance and control

  • Ensures that the applicable procedures are respected and that any improvements and/or adjustments are reported.
  • Aims to achieve the objectives of the quality policy. Proposes corrective or preventive measures (following reports of internal or external audits or quality actions).


Environmental tasks

  • Aims to achieve the objectives of the environmental policy.



  • Other tasks and duties specific to the company and/or imposed by hierarchical superiors.


2.    Knowledge and competences


  1. Required knowledge


  • Knowledge of legislation, ARAB, AREI, Codex;
  • Good knowledge of legislation, techniques and social context, plus developments applicable to the specific discipline
  • Technical knowledge and understanding of risk management
  • Insight into organisational structure, decision-making and logistical conditions
  • Good understanding of the administrative procedures related to the subject area
  • Knowledge of computer applications


  1. Required skills


  • Taking responsibility
  • Decisiveness: looking up, interpreting and applying necessary regulations quickly,

good at organising and planning work

  • Decisiveness: able to analyse the situation and issues, propose and motivate decisions in good time, independently and with a sense of priority
  • Able to propose and motivate timely decisions in both communication and writing
  • Ability for proper self-expression, able to negotiate and consult, and act diplomatically
  • Social skills: ability to be assertive, work together with people (individually and in groups), to be contactable and helpful
  • Realistic and able to put things into perspective
  • Logical and creative thinking
  • Able to work independently as well as in a team
  • Stress resistance and perseverance
  • Animator of welfare policy, activates and coaches
  • Able to exercise influence without hierarchical power



  1. Attitudes


  • Discretion
  • Has a strong connection with and interest in the matters to be dealt with
  • Professional and responsible, diplomatic
  • Involvement: great commitment to the work and the organisation
  • Sense of order, punctuality and accuracy
  • Loyalty and discretion (towards the organisation, colleagues and third parties)
  • Politically neutral
  • Sense of initiative
  • Have an investigative mind
  • Open to continuous training and updating
  • Flexibility towards tasks and working conditions


What we offer


A highly collaborative and caring team environment with a strong focus on learning and development as well as recognition for individual contributions and working with a multi-cultural, diverse and complementary team. We promote openness, teamwork and knowledge sharing within and beyond the company. Besides all these you will also have:

  • Permanent contract (full-time position)
  • Pension plan and hospitalization insurance
  • Competitive compensation package